Millennials: “Art is an investment”

There has been extensive media coverage recently on millennials, their personal brands, and how they are choosing to spend their time and money.  While social media and technology have dramatically impacted millennials’ lifestyles, these developments have also helped contribute to millennials becoming increasingly involved in the art market, specifically as investors.  In a new Business … Continue reading Millennials: “Art is an investment”

Jamie Dimon Annual Letter to Shareholders

Thursday morning, Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan published his annual Chairman & CEO Letter to Shareholders.  In this highly anticipated letter, not only did Dimon recap the previous year for all J.P. Morgan shareholders, but he also expressed his views on the current state of the global economy. Although the stock market has continued to … Continue reading Jamie Dimon Annual Letter to Shareholders

The Auction that Changed the Contemporary Art Market: The Scull Sale of 1973

In today’s world, where individual paintings sell for tens of millions of dollars, the Scull sale total of $2.3 million for 50 works—or $12.7 million in 2019 dollars—would hardly be newsworthy. However,  in 1973, it wasn’t a given that art could provide collectors with a sizable return, and certainly, not 100 times a work’s purchase … Continue reading The Auction that Changed the Contemporary Art Market: The Scull Sale of 1973

The Best Investments of 2018? Art, Wine and Cars

In times of high market volatility and economic uncertainty, alternative and hard assets become increasingly appealing to investors. To better understand the options available for investors to round out their portfolios, we looked at the most recent numbers around returns from art investing and the future outlook for this asset class compared to other potential … Continue reading The Best Investments of 2018? Art, Wine and Cars

Do you know which time periods in art history have the best financial performance?

Investing in art is a highly nuanced undertaking, and the market for certain types of art or specific artists can vary greatly. As a rule of thumb, art is grouped into periods or artistic movements, often with a consideration for tradition or geography, such as Asian Contemporary Art, Post-war, Contemporary, Impressionist, Modern and more. So … Continue reading Do you know which time periods in art history have the best financial performance?

Deloitte’s Art & Finance Report

Together with Arttactic, Deloitte publishes an annual report that summarizes trends in art finance and the art market more broadly*. As the intersection of art and finance grows, so does the need to quantify shifts in the market. The Art & Finance report provides collectors, consultants, and researchers, alike, with valuable survey statistics and original … Continue reading Deloitte’s Art & Finance Report

Barclays Wealth Insights Report

Barclays global research group releases periodic reports on specific topics relevant to wealth management. The authors survey roughly 2000 high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals and combine their insights with research from a panel of experts, drawn from academia, industry and financial circles. The fifteenth volume of the Wealth Insights series covers collectible assets, … Continue reading Barclays Wealth Insights Report

Citi Art Advisory Reports

Citigroup boasts one of the most long-standing art advisory groups in the industry, created for their high-net-worth clients in 1979 by banker turned gallerist, art critic and dealer, Jeffrey Deitch. The group publishes a brief annual report, as well as, periodic in-depth technical research, supported by the Global Perspectives & Solutions group. The 2015 Global … Continue reading Citi Art Advisory Reports

What Happens to Art in a Financial Crisis?

US stocks took a major tumble last week, including a sixth consecutive day of losses for the S&P. Since uncertainty on Wall Street can have implications down the road, with the November art auctions around the corner, we want to understand how a sell-off could impact fine art. There are two dimensions that need to … Continue reading What Happens to Art in a Financial Crisis?